SMAL Lens (Immersed)

Objectively Powerful

Optical Specs

Immersion: Yes

Immersion Media: Oil, Water, Silicon, Glycerol

Typical Resolving Limit: 80 - 150nm sample dependant

Working Distance: 1-3 microns

Field of view: 10 - 15 microns

Depth of Focus: 200 - 400 nm

Magnification: x230 - x240

Connection: RMS

Dimensions and Weight

Diameter: 34mm

Length: 67.5mm

Weight: 195g

Recommended Use

Anti-vibration table to enhance image clarity and reduce noise /artefacts.

For best results use on a NANORO microscope.


Compatible with the Leica DM2500 and Nikon LV100. For best results use with the NANORO M.

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