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The most powerful optical Nanoscope for materials

Go beyond the diffraction limit. See more.

From Routine Work to Super-Resolution

The NANORO M supports a range of objective lenses, from low resolution (10x) to super resolution (SMAL).

Full colour


Our microsphere lenses allow the NANORO M to image beyond the diffraction limit whilst maintaining colour information.

Rapid sample scanning


Our software suite and nanometric stage allows you to rapidly image large areas of a sample significantly faster than on standard light microscopes and at multiple resolutions.



Unlike conventional super-resolution techniques the NANORO M is none-destructive allowing you to image your sample multiple times without compromising its integrity.

Accessible to all


Because our microscopes are fully optical with super-resolution capability, they are easy to use for anyone familiar with conventional white-light microscopy.

Lab ready


The NANORO M works without the need for prohibitive environmental conditions. They work on a standard optical table requiring no clean room, vacuum, etc.

Beyond 100 nm


With the option of using SMAL, the NANORO M can resolve lateral features below 100 nm depending on the sample.

100x White Light

Sub 100 nm Optical Resolution

The fine lines visible with SMAL in the image to the right have been independently measured by SEM as 66nm wide

Wide Area Scanning & Stitching

With a nano-precision scanning stage and custom stitching algorithm, the NANORO M can rapidly image and stitch together large area scans at different resolutions, from 10x magnification to super-resolution.

*scan is for illustrative purposes only, speed may vary

Wavelength Selectivity

This tool can be applied to ensure that the images are in-focus for the wavelengths of interest, or alternatively, where the sample has some degree of transparency versus wavelength, that the specific region of interest is imaged at the sharpest, highest resolution.

Objectively Powerful

The only microscope that can fully utilise power of SMAL, the Nanoro M can take super-resolution scans in high contrast and perform side illumination microscopy to give more topographical data than with a standard white light microscopy.

Powered by White Light and Optics

Because it is fully optical the NANORO M has all the benefits of white light microscopy. It is easy to use, can utilise various objective lenses, is non-destructive and requires minimal sample preparation.

Tech Specs
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