NANORO M Specification

It's the details that make it.

Camera Sensor

Type: Full colour Bayer pattern CMOS

Pixel size: 1.55 µm square

‍Aspect: 4:3

‍Sensor: 12 MP CMOS

‍Pixels: 4000 x 3000

‍Analogue converter:12 bits

‍Max FPS: 60

‍Connectivity: USB 3.0


Type: Variable output LED.

Typical Lifetime: 100 000 h

Power consumption: 3.2 W

Optical Power:> 800 mW

Max irradiance at 200mm: 24.8 µW / mm2

Colour: Cold White (6500 K)

Illumination range: 400 nm – 700 nm

Peak Spectral flux emission:440 nm

Peak Spectral flux @ ~ 440nm22 mW / nm

Iris control for SMAL

Type: Software controlled XY position

XY Control:100 µm increment

‍Iris Control:0.145° increment 


Type: Manual

Support:4 lenses

Connection: M25


Interface: HDMI

Min. resolution  requirement:1920 x 1080



Separated browser, scan manager and  explore modes for ease of use

Digital Zoom in live explore and browser  modes

Auto Focus configured for x10, x40, x100  and SMAL lenses

Measuring / dimensioning tools

Distance calibration versus encoder

4k monitor support for super-resolution  analysis

Snapshot and Area Scan modes

Image meta-data support (footer legend  display)

User-sizeable region of interest for  stitching

User configurable dwell time between  stitched images

User controlled wavelength selectivity

User controlled iris setting (size and  position).

Integrated software joystick

‍Support for Nanoro 3-axis Hall effect  device

Bespoke lens selection and entry

Image stitching on all lenses, supplied or  otherwise

Configurable image export (e.g. to “Image  J” or “Gwyddion”)

Maximum stitch area: 64 mm2 (limited for files up to 600 Mbyte)

Maximum accessible scan area:1600 mm2

Maximum stitch image size: 28,000 x 28,000 pixels

Maximum stitch image size: 784 MP

Updates: Free

Lens Support

Type: Infinity  Corrected

Thread: M25

Standard M25 threading with 10x, 40x, 100x, and SMAL

Other lenses available on request, including  various Oil, Water and Air lenses

Z Stage

Design: Crossed-roller bearings

Positioning: True, anti-backlash

Travel Range: 60 mm

Resolution:100 nm

Minimum movement: 100 nm

XY Scanning Stage - 50 mm

Design: Anti-creep crossed-roller bearings

Positioning: True, zero backlash

Encoder: Linear on sample carriage

Travel range: 50 mm

Max Velocity: 500 mm/s

Resolution / minimum step size: 5 nm

In-position stability: < 1nm

Bi-directional repeatability: +/- 75 nm

Accuracy: +/- 250 nm

Load capacity: 3 Kg

MTBF*: 20,000 h

Human Interface

Joystick: (option) 3-axis Hall effect

Mouse: 2 button and wheel

Keyboard: Standard alphanumeric

Size and Weight

Nanoro-M Microscope Weight: 24 Kg

Nanoro-M Microscope Size: 30 x 40 x 60 cm

Nanoro-M Controller Weight: 19 Kg

Nanoro-M Controller Size: 27 x 60 x 65 cm


Voltage: 230 Vac / 110 Vac •

Current:0.4 A / 0.6 A

Max power consumption:100 W•

* Requires selection via controller internal switch.

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