super-resolution Optical Microscopy

Using our patented microsphere objective lens, our optical microscopes can achieve resolutions of sub 100 nm with white light and record levels of magnification.

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Our nanoscopes are designed from the ground up to utilise the full potential of our patented Super-resolution Microsphere Amplifying Lens (SMAL).

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focusing through the microsphere on a SMAL lens

What is Super-Resolution Microsphere Amplifying Lens?

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We use microspheres to build industry leading optical nanoscopes for advanced materials imaging.

100x oil immersion
SMAL with oil immersion

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Using our patented microsphere objective lens, our optical microscopes can achieve resolutions of sub 100nm.

“LIG Nanowise’s microscopes are giving us a deeper insight into a range of graphene materials and products. We are excited to further explore the possibilities of their technology."

Dr Paul Wiper
Graphene Engineering, Innovation Centre,The University of Manchester, UK
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“The spatial resolution offered by SMAL has the potential to better reveal the characteristics of platinum-rich phases that are 10s to 100s of nm in size, which will help us to better understand how they form in high temperature sub-volcanic magmatic settings.”

Dr Brian O’Driscoll
Senior Lecturer in Petrology, The University of Manchester
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“This work has shown the promise of using the Nanoro system to analyse graphene materials. We will continue to work together moving forward”

Dr. Andrew J. Strudwick
Graphene Engineering Innovation Centre, The University of Manchester
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Microelectronics imaging

Our nanoscopes allow academics and industry leaders to perform high resolution imaging for semiconductor design and offline fault inspection.

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Graphene imaging

From graphene device imaging and design, to graphene production quality inspection our nanoscopes are helping researchers to see graphene in a new light.

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Mineralogy imaging

Our nanoscopes are helping academics see minerals in full colour at nanoscopic resolution for the first time. From mineral and metal deposits to fracture inspection.

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