Our microsphere lenses are enabling the next
generation of advanced optical devices.
LIG Nanowise

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We build microsphere enabled lenses

We are redefining the limits of light. We use spheres smaller than the width of a human hair to push the boundaries of scientific optics. Our microsphere lenses function like optical amplifiers, increasing the power of any light passes through them. We use them in objective lenses for microscopes, and in arrays for high-precision nano-patterning for advanced surface manufacturing.

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Super REsolution optical Imaging

Powered By Super-Resolution Microsphere Amplifying Lens

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Nanoscale lithography

Powered By our Microsphere Lens Array

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What's a microsphere?

A microsphere is a microscopic bead of transparent
material that lets us do incredible things with light.

Very High Refractive Index

We use microspheres of various materials in our lenses. They each share the property of having very high refractive indexes, which allows them to manipulate light at the nano-scale.

250 - 1 Microns Diameter

Depending on the application we use spheres of varying sizes. However, they are generally between 15 - 250 microns in diameter.

Optical Amplifier

The unique optical properties of microspheres make them function like optical amplifiers. We can use them in an objective lens to increase the resolution of a microscope, or in an array to make nanoscale beam spots to generate functional surfaces.

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We are always looking to work with leading academics and industry experts. If you have an imaging problem we will work with you to solve it.

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We can produce samples of functional surfaces with out 2D laser etching.

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