We're the microsphere people.

We are an optics company who build microsphere enabled lenses to power industry leading devices. We were founded in 2014 to explore the application of microsphere technology in industry and academia. ​​​​We currently focus on imaging and nano-patterning. We want to make microsphere lenses a platform technology to enable the next generation of optical devices.

The Board

Professor Lin Li
Head of Laser Processing Research at University of Manchester, President of Laser Institute of America in 2016. He has over 560 publications in peer-reviewed journals and conferences and he holds 47 patents in optical engineering.
Dr Wei Guo
Dr Guo worked on the initial Nature paper that detailed applications of microspheres in imaging. He is the founder of Advanced Laser Technologies and experimental officer at Manchester University.
Professor Tao Wang
Senior Lecturer, Faculty of Medical & Human Sciences at The University of Manchester. She has over 25 years’ experience in biomedical research on molecular and cell biology including 11 years’ postdoc experience Cambridge.
Dr James Zhang
Clinician and Chairman of the Overseas Chinese Society for Technology and Business in UK.
Dr Zhu Liu
Over 25 years experience in nanomaterials.
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