September 24, 2019

Our work with the Graphene Engineering Innovation Centre and SMAL imaging

We have been working with the GEIC and Graphene At Manchester University to image a variety of graphene samples with the NANORO M and SMAL. We have produced two application notes, one on graphene CVD (chemical vapour deposition) and one on graphene ageing and oxidation. The results demonstrate some of the benefits of SMAL imaging, providing high resolution optical imaging in full colour.

SMAL Graphene DIC Image
“This work has shown the promise of using the Nanoro system to analyse graphene materials. We will continue to work together moving forward”
Dr. Andrew J. Strudwick | Graphene Engineering Innovation Centre | The University of Manchester

SMAL Graphene on Copper Foil

We are grateful to the GEIC for providing graphene samples and support in understanding why SMAL imaging can provide a benefit to researchers and industry in the graphene space.

You can download both of the full application notes from our website.

If you would like to partner with us to explore the application of SMAL imaging in your industry area please do not hesitate to get in touch.