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Frequently asked questions

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What is the maximum resolution I can achieve with SMAL?

Sub 100 nm down to 50 nm on certain samples. Learn more here.

What is the working distance of SMAL (immersed lens) ?

3 microns. You can view the full lens specification here.

What if I damage a lens?

Instead of buying a new lens, as would be the case with other objective lenses, LIG is able to refurbish the SMAL lens, saving you money and possibly time too

What application areas can benefit from our optical nanoscopy?

Our customers and partners have used the NANORO M and SMAL lens to investigate a broad range of material samples. The basic requirement for a sample is that it is flat, relatively smooth (with a surface deviation below 3 microns) and not completely transparent. Our key imaging areas are semiconductors and microelectronics, materials and mineralogy.

Can LIG Nanowise build custom systems for unique imaging applications?

Absolutely. We work with customers to deliver custom solutions to imaging problems across industry and academia. Get in touch here to discuss your needs and we can investigate various solutions.

Which microscopes work with SMAL lenses?

Currently SMAL lenses work on the Leica DM2500 and the Nikon LV100. We cannot guarantee that the lenses will work on other microscopes. However, for best results SMAL should be used on the NANORO M to take advantage of the increased contrast, nanometric stages and directional illumination. Please contact us before using SMAL on any microscope so that we can offer guidance on how to maximise its potential.

Have an unanswered question?

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