An Improved Workflow

With our nanoscopes you can easily search your sample with a wide-field view, starting with 10x, and working your way up through magnification levels to inspect a specific area in super-resolution. Once the interest area is identified, our software produces an automatic scan of the area at a size of your choice.

scanning and Image

Rapidly stitch images up to 500 x 500 μm at super-resolution, and up to 50 mm x 50 mm at 10 or 100x magnification.

Post Imaging Tools

Our software allows for the easy exportation of the optical image to ImageJ for post processing.

Explore Your Sample in super-resolution

Click through to see the process of focusing through the microsphere and initiating a
super-resolution scan of your sample area.
The wide-field view in the NANOPSIS software with SMAL.
(Note the shadow towards the upper centre, this is the microsphere on the end of the objective lens)
The focus is adjusted to bring the focal point into the microsphere.
The light is adjusted to increase the contrast within the sphere.
Our software then performs a large are scan, stitching together the centre of each microsphere image.

Full software walkthrough

Offline Semiconductor Imaging

Rapidly inspect electrical faults < 100 nm without sputtering, coating, and without the need for specific environmental conditions.

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