Super-resolution optical microscopy

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Super-resolution Microsphere Amplifying Lens: SMAL 

We have redefined the smallest object that the eye can see, using the most popular form of imaging in the world: white light, optical microscopy. Our super-resolution technique pushes light past its theoretical limit, using optics to break the diffraction limit of light.  We want to democratise super-resolution, making it an accessible, easy to imaging technique, that doesn't require a clean room, a huge power supply, complex sample preparation, or significant training.  Our super-resolution microscopes are not prohibitively expensive. Whether you are a university, a start-up, or a multi-national it is our mission to make super-resolution imaging accessible to everyone.  Because our microscopes are purely optical they are non-destructive, they work with both metallic on and non-metallic samples, they are easy to use and resolve down to 50 nm (on certain sample types) in full, real, colour.

The benefits



Our microsphere lenses collect sub-diffraction information and project it into the far-field. Not only do they see in super-resolution, but in full colour.



Unlike conventional super-resolution techniques our microscopes are none-destructive. Allowing you to image your sample multiple times without compromising its integrity.



Because our microscopes are fully optical with super-resolution capability, they are easy to use for anyone familiar with conventional white-light microscopy.

powerful software


Our software suite allows you to rapidly image large areas of a sample at multiple resolutions, and with our one click export you can then easily feed your images to Image J.

down to 50 nm


With the option of using SMAL, our microscopes can resolve lateral features down to 50 nm* depending on the sample.

lab ready


Our microscopes work without the need for prohibitive environmental conditions. They work on a standard optical table requiring no clean room, vacuum, etc.


We've pushed light past it's limit.

We believe that when you have instant access to equipment you obtain better results faster. That is why the NANORO M can perform all your routine bright-field imaging, you can then use SMAL to image in super-resolution (200 - 50 nm lateral) without breaking your optical work-flow, and with no need for a clean-room, cold-room or a vacuum.

Camera Sensor

4MP CMOS, 60 FPS, resolution: 4096 x 2160


Neutral white LED


Manual. Supports up to 4 lenses at once

Lens Support

Standard RMS threading, unit ship with 10x, 50x, 100x, and SMAL.


Water Immersion Super-Resolution Microsphere Amplifying Lens: resolving limit: 50 nm,
working distance: 1 μm

Lens Support

Standard RMS threading: unit ships with 10x, 50x, 100x, and SMAL.

XYZ Scanning Stage

Nano-precision 200 – 200 μm travel XYZ stage with controller + software stitching with distortion correction:Active axes: X, Y, Z Integrated sensor: CapacitiveTravel range (μm) : 200 x 200 x 200Resolution (nm) :

Manual Sample Exploration

Travel Range (mm) : 13

Offline Semiconductor Imaging

Rapidly inspect electrical faults < 100 nm without sputtering, coating, and without the need for specific environmental conditions.

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Offline Semiconductor Imaging

Rapidly inspect electrical faults < 100 nm without sputtering, coating, and without the need for specific environmental conditions.

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Full colour optical imaging of graphene flakes and devices.

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