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Our nanoglyph technology combines a microsphere lens array (MLA) with a high power laser beam and our custom software kit.
The MLA converts the incident beam into multiple high power, focused beam spots that can pattern down to 30 nm resolution. We are currently looking for partners to test the technology within industrial applications.

The Problem

Current patterning techniques that use near-field optics to generate surface features below 100 nm all share two big disadvantages: low throughput and the need for sophisticated distance-control equipment.

Our Solution

To overcome these problems we have developed an innovative, highly effective, technique for nanopatterning across large surface areas. This is a fully automated, integrated laser scanning surface patterning system based on the multiple focusing effect of a microsphere lens array (MLA).

How it works

The MLA converts the single incident laser beam into multiple focused beam spots (down to 30nm resolution), each spot generates a feature on the substrate surface simultaneously. The laser scanning contributes to the high density and flexible shapes of the patters/features generated.

Efficient, nanoscale.

Generate nano-sized features in parallel at high speed, typically several million identical pattens in a few seconds.


Users can define the patterns to be produced in our custom software kit.

Easy To Use

Fully automatic patterning solution with multi-axis motion control, consisting of both hardware and software.

Low Cost

High speed, low cost, nano-patterning technique that can satisfy industrial demands.

some of our patterns

unlimited complex patterning options

Our microsphere lens arrays are customised for your pattern and needs. To the left you can see examples of our microsphere lens assemblies mapped in our software. Each microsphere lens array is made to your specification.​ To the left you can see a non-exhaustive range of patterns that we have produced for different customers. From text, shapes, and more complex designs we can build a lens to suit your nano-patterning needs with a line diameter down to 30 nm. 

Processing Area

150 mm x 150 mm (maximum area)

Patterning Resolution

30nm - 10um



Laser pulse energy @ 10 Hz

480 mJ/pulse, 180 mJ/pulse@ 532 nm, 60 mJ/pulse@355 nm, 40 mJ/pulse@266 nm

Patterning Surface Type

metal, glass, silicone, and more.




532nm, 355nm and 266nm


bank note secutiry

Secure bank notes with nanoscale features.


High volume microelectronic production.

solar cells

Make solar silicone more efficient with nano-patterns.

Micro fluidics

High speed, low cost, nano-patterning technique that can satisfy industrial demands.

work with us

We are looking to collaborate with industry leaders to further develop
our technology for industry applications.

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